University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Redesign with a Content-First Approach

The Challenge

Create a site that translates the vision of UVA’s Darden School of Business that’s more manageable for Darden’s content team.

The Approach

Provide a slick, efficient, and user-friendly content management interface with custom entities and Twig templates utilizing TailwindCSS.

The Results

Both average site sessions and email submissions have increased since the launch of the ultra-performant, new site experience.

Using Paragraph Modules

To make the site more manageable for Darden’s team we implemented Drupal 8 paragraph modules in a modular and flexible approach. The result is a site where content managers can easily author and publish content on the fly in a way that effectively engages students, prospective students, faculty, thought leaders and the general public


Implementing Tailwind

Using design provided by partner agency Viget, we created a custom Tailwind configuration that allowed us to standardize colors, fonts, and various design elements across the entire site significantly increasing efficiency in the front end build.


CMS Training

After designs were approved and both content and paragraph types were configured, we worked with Darden’s team to migrate content.  This started with comprehensive CMS Training sessions, first with content types that required simple data entry (Faculty, Event and Alumni pages) then moving on to the more complex content types (Basic pages and Featured Topics). 

The training and overall QA process from the Savas Team made my job so much easier. I never felt like I was submitting tickets into a ‘black hole’ and my team and I found the training materials very helpful and beautiful.

Valerie Harness

Website Project & Systems Manager, VUA Darden School of Business

Mockups of the UVA Darden homepage on devices of various widths