We balance innovation with impact for our clients and the world around us.

We have high coding standards, design with the user in mind, and above all are transparent in our collaboration both with our teammates and client partners. The combination of curiosity, drive, and respect make us a special collection of professionals.

What does Savas mean?


/sav vas/


Etymology: From the French 'savoir' meaning "knowledge or knowing just what to do in any situation"

  1. A team of talented, creative, curious problem solvers who leverage teamwork to drive innovation.
  2. A palindrome, representing balance.
The Savas Labs Team

Our Team

Our highly-skilled team of designers, developers, and consultants who build elegant and impactful web products.

Extended Team

These specialists have partnered with our core team over the years to scale up and tailor solutions for our clients.

Doug Duhaime

Doug Duhaime

Senior Mobile Engineer

Doug earned his doctorate creating insight from big data, and in post-academia, builds machine learning powered mobile experiences in React Native.

Matt Hisamoto

Matt Hisamoto

Senior Front-End Developer

Wordpress and Craft developer that brings a strong focus on efficiency and using modern and tested technology.

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

PHP/Python Developer

Drupal and Django developer with a focus on DevOps, data science, front-end implementation, and database design.

Billy French

Billy French

Senior Visual Designer

Durham-based, world-class visual and product designer specializing in digital products and illustration.

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