We're Going to Drupalcon; Will They Let Us Talk?

We're Going to Drupalcon; Will They Let Us Talk?

4 Savas Labs sessions proposed for Drupalcon NA 2016

Lisa, Kosta and I will be heading over to The Big Easy in early May for this year’s Drupalcon North America. The week promises to be filled with some high-quality brain transfer (via HTTP 2 of course), meeting in-person with those who we only know digitally on IRC or in the issue queue, and general Drupal gallivanting …where we plan to see people like this…

What we’re (hopefully) talking about

The call for papers closed on leap day earlier this week, and I’m proud to say we submitted 4 excellent and diverse topics showcasing our breadth of knowledge and expertise.

  • Lisa’s visual regression testing presentation is an updated version of the one that was filling rooms last year on the Drupalcamp circuit; she’s added Webdriver.io to the mix which will not disappoint.
  • Kosta shares his efforts, successes and lessons learned with his Drupal 8 case study featuring Durham Atletico, an incredible community built on soccer and Drupal in our hometown Durham, NC.
  • Kosta submitted a second impeccably worded and fittingly Greek-mythology-laden session on where to start when you inherit a Drupal mess.
  • My look at the business side of the true value of Drupal will provide invaluable information and tactics to honestly compare other products in the CMS market and highlight Drupal’s strengths with the maturing Drupal 8 platform.

We’ll let you know when we do

We will find out in the coming weeks who of us will be speaking at Drupalcon this year. We are all excited to share our experiences and expertise with the community that has given us so much; but it’s out of our hands now, so please be kind to us Drupal Association!