We Ate, We Hiked, We Drupaled — Drupalcamp Asheville

We Ate, We Hiked, We Drupaled — Drupalcamp Asheville

Drupalcamp Asheville: we’re leaving!

Drupalcamp Asheville was an all around success for Savas Labs. It was our first public camp/conference that we presented at. Anne’s presentation on Drupal 8 themeing went swimmingly (and rapidly) to a sold out crowd, and most of my attendees (though as confirmed by one of them after, not all) did not fall asleep covering personal git workflow.

Among the many solid sessions, a highlight was Ryan Szrama’s Offspring music as well as his sharing of a recent foray into the modern PHP world. We don’t have to wait for Drupal 8 to get there.

Outside of the conference doors we got the chance to enjoy other things Asheville had to offer. We joined the weekly drum circle, and we stumbled upon some truly excellent food. We indulged in some carrot cake, not to be confused with raisin cake, at plant. Joaquin the charmer, served us a lovely meal at limones. We even got to mix and mingle with the Drupal faithful amongst libations courtesy of Andy Giles at the Buffalo Nickel.

After our brains were filled full, we finished up by shutting them off and going for a hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was well worth the trip to beautiful Asheville, and it even inspired us to start to hatch plans for a Drupalcamp Triangle for 2016. Who’s coming with us?!

Dorothy Boyd, thank you.

… and you too Drupalcamp Asheville.