Savas Hires a Marketing Coordinator

jordan at desk

Hello, world! (is that right?) My name is Jordan, and I’m the newest addition to the Savas Team. I’ve joined as the Marketing Coordinator!

I’ll be working on—you guessed it—all things marketing! Blog posts (some additional exciting posts are coming very soon), social media (come say hi here, here, or here), and events will be my domain. Plus some other exciting things we may have up our sleeves!


oh boy nemo


I come from a social media/email marketing background—working in higher education admissions and marketing offices, respectively, as well as the online retail space—and I’m very excited to jump in as part of this very talented Savas Labs team. I’m working to bring you quality content from all of us, keeping you up-to-date on all things Savas and helping get the word out about the great things we do here.

I learned quickly, that here at Savas, music preferences are taken VERY seriously (especially locally in our Durham office). I was warned that music was a big part of the Savas culture (It’s great here—you should come work with us, too!) and that the “rules” include the following:

  • We give all kinds of music a chance
  • Anyone can veto any song at any time, no questions asked
  • We always encourage song requests/suggestions

I knew immediately that my first suggestion was going to make an impression on this music-loving team (and I had learned that someone on the team had an affinity for pop, specifically of the 90’s/2000’s variety).

Challenge accepted.

Suggestion: 2002 by Anne-Marie

Friends, I’m so glad to report that — much like me taking the position here — it was a great choice.


take a bow